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Mount Pelee Erupting

Below are facts of Mount Pelee erupting. The May 8, 1902 Mount Pelee eruption was followed by a high dollar amount of damage. The entire town of St. Pierre was obliterated within two minutes as Mount Pelee volcano exploded. Mt. Pelee was sometimes referred to as one of the deadliest volcanos.

Where is  Mount Pelee?

Mount Pelee is a volcano near the town of St. Pierre on the Caribbean island of Martinique.

When was Mount Pelee eruption?

Mount Pelee erupted on May 8, 1902.

How many people died when Mt. Pelee erupted?

When Mt. Pelee erupted, there were jus over 30,000 people living in the town of St. Pierre. Everyone in the town was killed instantly except about 2 people.

Vipers invasion before the eruption of Mount Pelee

Before the eruption of Mount Pelee, dozens of pit vipers poisonous snakes invaded the town of St. Pierre. The snakes fled from the slopes of the about to erupt Mount Pelee into the unsuspecting town, killing animals and humans. In this case, it did not take volcanologists to warn about the forthcoming volcano eruption. Nature took its course and gave signs. However, it was not enough to evacuate the town.

Mount Pelee Erupting

Picture of Mount Pelee that erupted in 1902.