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Facts About Mt. St. Helen

What are the facts about Mt. St. Helen?

Below are some interesting facts about Mt. St. Helens Peak. Mount St. Helens was dormant for 123 years and then in the Spring of 1980, it collapsed surging Magma all over. Towns were evacuated during the eruption of Mt St. Helens.

When was the eruption of Mt. St. Helen?

Mt. St. Helen erupted on May 18, 1980.

Where is Mt. St. Helens Peak?

Mount St. Helen is a volcano in Washington State.

What happened when Mt. St. Helen erupted?

Before the eruption of Mt. St. Helen, scientists had been observing this volcano, concerning of its possible eruption. The towns were warned. When Mnt. St. Helens collapsed, the eruption lasted all day shooting avalanche of ice, snow, rock and blazing debris down the mountain and into the nearby countryside.

Facts about Mt. St. Helen