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  • In plate tectonics, the study of volcanoes is a fascinating one. Some plate tectonics students only study volcanoes.
  • What is a Volcanologist? A Volcanologist is a scientist who studies volcanoes, a field known as volcanology. Volcanologists collect samples and analyze them in order to learn how volcanoes work. Only by knowing how volcanoes work can they make accurate enough predictions that can end up saving lives.
  • Why do people live close to volcanoes? There are many reasons why people choose to live by volcanoes even though it is dangerous to live close to volcanoes. Below are some of the reasons why people choose to live by volcanoes.
  • What are the facts about Mt. St. Helen? Below are some interesting facts about Mt. St. Helens Peak. Mount St. Helens was dormant for 123 years and then in the Spring of 1980, it collapsed surging Magma all over. Towns were evacuated during the eruption of Mt St. Helens.
  • The A.D. 79 Mt. Vesuvius eruption in Italy was probably the world's most famous volcano eruption although the historic Mr. Vesuvius eruption was by no means the deadliest. Mt. Vesuvius of Italy wiped over 2,000 people in Pompeii within a few hours. Mt. Vesuvius erupted after being dormant for 800 years killing unsuspecting people of Pompeii.
  • Below are facts of Mount Pelee erupting. The May 8, 1902 Mount Pelee eruption was followed by a high dollar amount of damage. The entire town of St. Pierre was obliterated within two minutes as Mount Pelee volcano exploded. Mt. Pelee was sometimes referred to as one of the deadliest volcanos.
  • In 1973 was the eruption of a fierce volcano on Heimaey, an Icelandic island. Heimaey is the largest island in the Vestmannaeyjar cluster. Attempts to halt lava flow in Heimaey were made but the destruction was still overwhelming. Houses were burnt to ashes in a matter of seconds.
  • The eruption of Mr. Nevado del Ruiz in the town of Armero, Colombia, were warned for a long time in advance. Volcanologists saw signs that Mt. Nevado del Ruiz could erupt at any time for over a year but warning signs were ignored. The officials of the town where Mt. Nevado del Ruiz was to erupt did not want the people to be alarmed.
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