Plate Tectonics

Stuff about the Inside of the Earth

Below are stuff about the inside of the earth. In plate tectonics, it is important to study stuff about the inside of the earth. Understanding what are underneath the surface of the earth is key to understanding plate tectonics.

Although people have not been deep inside the earth and survive to tell us stuff that go on inside the earth, earth scientists have managed to study quite extensively about the inside of the earth. Their work have helped explain earthquakes and volcanoes.

See the diagrams of inside the earth so that you can understand the texts below about the inside of the earth better.

Earth's crust

Just like an egg, the earth has a crust on the outside. The earth's crust is the skin of the earth. The earth's crust is the hard surface on which we live on. The crust is not uniformly thick all over the surface of the earth. Some parts of the earths crust are thicker than others. Some parts of the crusts are the oceans which are deep, some deeper than others.

In the past, people thought the crust was a solid plate or rock sheet but with the discoveries of plate tectonics, now we know that the crust is made up of large separate plates called the tectonic plates, whose name plate tectonics was derived from.

Stuff about inside of the earth

Mantle and Magna

The mantle of the earth is just beneath the earth's crust. The mantle is very hot and is liquidly. The mantle composes of melted rock called magma.

The Core of the Earth

The core of the earth is solid metal or primarily iron and nickel. The core of the earth is surrounded by hot liquid metals.