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Major Earthquakes of North America

Below is a list of major earthquakes in North America. In North America, Mexico and California are the two most earthquake prone places. Other areas that are likely to suffer from earthquakes include Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, the Intermountain Belt, Hawaii, the Northeastern Region, South Carolina, and the Midcontinent Region.

Mexico earthquakes

September 19, 1985 Mexico City Earthquake
North American earthquakes
November 18, 1755 New England Earthquake (Epicenter, near Cape Ann, MA)
December 16, 1811 New Madrid, Missouri
February 7, 1812 New Madrid, Missouri
January 9, 1857 The 1857 Tejon Pass Earthquake in California.
August 31, 1896 Charleston, South Carolina
April 2, 1868 Hawaiian Earthquake
April 18, 1906 The Great San Francisco Earthquake in California.
April 13, 1949 Olympia, Washington Earthquake
August 17, 1959 near Hebgen Lake, Montana
March 27, 1964 The Alaska Good Friday Earthquake
April 29, 1965 Seattle, Washington Earthquake
November 29, 1975 Hawaii Earthquake
June 28, 1992 The Landers Earthquake, California
January 17, 1994 The Los Angeles Earthquake, California